Albania in the 1990s was in chaos with little food, corruption and the only way to find a better life  was to leave for the Western world.  Hundreds of thousands traveled over to Greece looking for a new beginning.  What they found was fear, violence and anything but open arms.  Based on real events Paftuar, tells the story the ordeal of immigration that is still a topic the world is struggling with.

directed by Roland Uruci

written by Roland Uruci and Julian Biba

director of photography Albert Elmazovski

Producers Roland Uruci   Julian Biba   Bujar Alimani   Tefta Bejko                               Albert Elmazovski

cast Laert Vasili   Albi Dhima   Artan Telqiu  Karafil Shena                                   Todi Llupi   Armand Dauti