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Good Bones

A short film in the style of the Twilight Zone and Edgar Allen Poe.         A house can have a soul and when lacking one it will reach for yours.

Director – Christina Vinsick  Cinematographer – Albert Elmazovski Writer – Roland Uruci  Editor – David Impicciatore                                      in Post-production for 2017 release

Max at first Sight

A coming of age story of a 15 year old boy and the first girl that stops time for him.  In Post-production with an amazing cast that donated their time once funding was lost.  It is a project that came together because cast and crew cared about making something special.


My second film and first effort at taking on found footage as a stylistic choice. Unlike most found footagethe story is not horror but, does pull out lots of emotions out with how we see ourselves and how we are seen.  In the end it asks how well do we own our image in the digital world when a house guest is not the camera man but the camera that he is holding.

Paftuar Trailer

A feature screenplay that I am trying to get some interest about.   It’s based on a true story of what a group Albanian immigrants lived through while in Greece during the 90’s.  Currently trying to get into festivals.

Made in Amerika

GCF was not listed as directly associated with producing this film but, in the background we helped with the story, locations, crewing and casting.  “How do you maintain an ethnic sense of tradition while attempting to assimilate? Ilir Bushati, a recent Albanian immigrant struggles with this question as he attempts to maintain his position as breadwinner of the household. When he is scammed out of his family’s savings, he is sent on a journey to reclaim what he has lost.”

The Superintendent

My first effort as a film maker.  Producer, Director and Screenwriter.